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FRIENDS ONLY. ((: - &MELODYY's cup of MOCHA [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FRIENDS ONLY. ((: [Sep. 26th, 2010|11:59 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Well. I have decided to make my livejournal FRIENDS ONLY. Which means you have to have an LJ account to read my blog.

And there are many factors resulting in my decision luh, just yeah. Many. (:

Therefore, comment and most likely I'll add you! ((:

Enjoy! <3

hey all, i've since shifted to melchunology, so this journal is now pretty much stagnant and out-of-use. if you want to be friends, i suggest you add me at my new journal instead. :D

for those who've already added me here and are on my f-list, i won't mind if you unfriend this journal haha. :D just... friend me back on my new one? thankyou people. <3

[User Picture]From: alia_cassiopeia
2008-08-11 07:29 am (UTC)
owh....i've add u..
can u add me back???
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[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2008-08-11 07:40 am (UTC)
Added! (:
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From: toastednuts
2008-09-30 09:18 am (UTC)
Hello! This is Grace Leung just that I decided to switch my account. :D Add me back? :D
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From: venetiakok
2008-11-19 09:07 am (UTC)
hiiii ^^
May i add you? (:
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[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2008-11-20 10:59 am (UTC)
Ah sure! I just added you back. (:

But um, if you want to add me cause of my fics, then go to mocharemel? Cause that's my writing journal. (:
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[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-04 12:18 am (UTC)
hi hi~
can u add me? (b/c I added u....) >_< and I have a quick question I want to ask u....

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[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-04 07:56 am (UTC)
Hey! Yeah I added you. (:

What's your question? ((:

And ah, you added me at my writing journal too, right? The mocharemel one. (:
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[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-04 08:03 am (UTC)
thnx~ actually... I figured out my problem... hehe.. I was originally going to ask you how to create links to my stories.. but I got it now (after several tries *sweatdrop*)
Oh, and the second story (YunJae) to "How to score yourself the perfect wife" is out!! :D (just thought u'd like to know in case u like YunJae as well! :)
em.. adding u at ur writing journal? I think so... let me go check.. ~runs off~
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[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-04 02:10 pm (UTC)
Ahh okay. ((:

Yeah, I realised it was out. I'll read it tomorrow, okay? (: It's late over here, 10pm. >.< Yeah I do like YunJae as well, but YooSu's my OTP. (:

And yup, you added me at my writing journal! (:

BTW, where do you live?
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[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-04 05:41 pm (UTC)
ah.. sure! No problem~ Take your time.. haha.. I like YooSu also.. but I found out that I don't write very much YooSu ff.. Although I am planning to write more in the future.. just that I have school right now and exams are around the corner.. so yeah..

I live in Canada, Vancouver... so the times are different I guess..
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[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-05 03:41 am (UTC)
Ohh. (: Sigh, neither do I. It just seems that YunJae is so much easier to write, IDK why either. >.< And I write hetero too! (:

Yeah, it's about 12 hours difference. It's night there now, right! It's about 12 noon here now. (:
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[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-05 03:46 am (UTC)
haha.. yes, YunJae IS easier to write.. actually... after I replied to u about not writing so much YooSu ff... I sat in class and an idea immediately popped into my mind... and when I got home I sat down and wrote it... haha...
I will probably post it to my journal.. but not in the YooSu community yet... b/c I duno if ppl will like it... so u can read it and give me some suggestions? X3 (it's a one-shot.. but maybe I can make it into a chaptered fic... depending on what u think!)

ah.. yes, it is now almost 8 pm over here.. where do u live?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-05 03:58 am (UTC)
Haha! (:

Of course I will read it. (: I'm getting down to reading everything on your journal now. (:

Ooh, so we're about eight hours apart!

I live in Sunny Singapore~!
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[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-05 04:21 am (UTC)
haha.. really? aww... thank u!! I normally post my ff on a different site.. and I was afraid to post on LJ b/c I'm new and I duno if others here will like it as much as those who read on the other site I post at... I'm so glad u like it~
I will post it up now.. the YooSu one-shot.. in my journal...
~runs off to post~

Singapore!!~ wah, so cool~ I like warm places.. over here it's too cold.. ~shivers~
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-05 06:11 am (UTC)
Really! Sometimes I think Singapore's TOO hot. >.< I like the cold. Like autumn or spring kind of cold. Refreshing, yet not too cold. (: Hehe. (:
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-05 06:18 am (UTC)
haha.. then we should definitely switch!! because over here, it always rains.. but the fresh smell of dew on the trees and leaves is quite refreshing.. I just don't like it ALL the time.. haha... too hot? ah.. good for ice cream~ (my fav~ hehe)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-05 06:25 am (UTC)
Well, even if it's cold, I still eat icecream! (: It's a habit for me hoho. ((:

Ohyeah, I already commented on your fic! (:
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cutieroo_211
2009-02-05 06:34 am (UTC)
haha.. same here... I just wish it were warmer so I wouldn't chatter my teeth and try to warm my hands while eating it.. LOL
yes, I read your comment~ thank you!! I'm glad u liked it!! sighz, I really should be studying instead of posting here.. haha..
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-05 06:37 am (UTC)
*shoos* Go study! (:
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[User Picture]From: kisaki94
2009-02-09 01:33 pm (UTC)
I want to read about your personal life naooo >D do you mind? Hahahaha!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-02-10 04:46 am (UTC)

I added you, whatever. (:
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-04-02 02:00 pm (UTC)
seriously, rah! >.<


... welcome to my world. and um, please, no vulgar and inappropriate words here. they all go on carahmel. :D

i love you too. <3
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ronniexo
2009-04-06 08:33 pm (UTC)
May I add you?

We can share cookies and DBSK loving together.

Sorry, I'm completely hyperactive.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-04-12 02:51 pm (UTC)
oh! sorry i only replied now. :D yeah sure. :D

but introductions first? :D i'm melody, but just call me mel. :D

and who do you like in DBSK? :D
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[User Picture]From: yoochunlove
2009-05-06 03:10 am (UTC)
I was reading the fics on your DreamWidth fic list, & I was amazed! I seriously have never read smut as good as you have written smut!

friend me back? if you want? (:
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cupsofmocha
2009-05-06 10:53 am (UTC)
hiii. :D glad that you left me a message haha. :D thankyou dear, comments really encourage me. :D

hmm, i see you've friended mocharemel, so i guess maybe you shouldnt friend me here? it's just me keeping my fanfic life and real life apart, i guess. :D and if you're just looking for fics, then yes, mocharemel is the place to friend. not here. andd if you want smut, they're at mochadored, so join that too. :D

andd may i ask, where (or from whom) did you get my dreamwidth account? it's still in construction and not publicised yet. i'm surprised someone actually read my fics there. :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: yoochunlove
2009-05-06 09:32 pm (UTC)
lol, i was just googling "yoosu smut" & *POP!*, up comes your link :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gracce
2009-05-14 11:39 am (UTC)
Hello melody! :D Add me again. Cause I switched again! :D
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: moonkissedx
2009-05-26 03:31 pm (UTC)
I added you on your other account/s, I hope you remember me though.
:DDDDD so yeah. can you add me back here too?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: yoosshi
2009-05-31 03:20 pm (UTC)

Can I add you? :3 (Well, I already did so yeah. XD)

BTW, I love mocha. It tastes great. <33 X3
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: mocharemel
2009-05-31 03:27 pm (UTC)
... um. hi? :D

sure, i'll add you. :D you're one of the few who actually bothered to leave me a comment, haha! :D OHYEAH HILLSONGS BABY. :D i love them like ahgslkghslagh. and chris tomlin too. :DD

hi, i'm melody, just call me mel though. :D

mocha's the best drink ever. hot, iced, frappe, whatever. just give it to me. :DD
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: yoosshi
2009-06-01 06:56 am (UTC)
Hello. LOL. xD

Thanks dear. HAHA, it's a pleasure. xD
YES, HILLSONG is LOVE. <3333 They're VERY great artists. xD I love them as much as I love their songs.

Just call me Bernie because that's what the others call me. xD

Yes, Mocha's oh so good. <33
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: mocharemel
2009-05-31 03:28 pm (UTC)
ohoh, sorry. :D this is cupsofmocha at her writing journal, haha! :D idk why, IE's not working for me right now. >.< still, here you go. :D i'll um, add you back when my IE works. dammit. >.<

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: yoosshi
2009-06-01 03:55 pm (UTC)
LOL. I'm sorry to hear that - yet I'm laughing *gets shot* It's okay~ Thanks for adding me. <3333
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[User Picture]From: matalaba
2010-06-08 11:58 am (UTC)
hi can i be your friend please add me.,
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