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Birthday Wishlist! ((: [Sep. 26th, 2008|05:58 pm]
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Alright. Like I've done for the past years, I will post my list onto my blog. This year is no different. 

Actually it is. It's my SWEET SIXTEENTH. ((: This is most probably it. You'd better quickly buy something, cause my birthday's already over, but I dont mind belated presents. (:

And here it is! (: 

.:: DONGBANGSHINKI Fourth Korean Album! <3
.:: FAHRENHEIT Singapore Concert Tickets! <3 
.:: STAGE Gui Tee! <3 (Singapore, I dont expect anyone to fly to Taiwan to get it for me)
(Please, Sha? You know how much I want one, and 大姐夫's so rich, sure can afford de lah) 
.:: XIAOGUI's Second Pictorial! GUI NU CHUAN. <3 
.:: PURPLE ROSES. <3 And baby's breath! Blue ones would be fine too, though. (: (How could I forget the all-important roses. Gosh.)
.:: Another stuff toy. Something bigger and more huggable. (Wouldnt mind a PIGLET!)
.:: That blue HOODIE I saw in Wisma during GSS! 
.:: FBTs. (: Straight cut. 
.:: Tess Gerritsen novels! <3 
.:: More CSI. (: Not books, please. Shows. (: 
.:: Swensen's Cookies-and-Cream ice-cream cake! (:
.:: Crumpler. Brown. (:
.:: Fanfics! GEZ, you know what I mean. ((: 
.:: Love. <33 What kind? That's for this hopeless romantic to know, and you to guess. ((: 

Right. This, and more as I think of them. (: 

Oh, DBSK and FRH memorabilla will be greatly appreciated. And loved. And used. ((:

And, if you're really really really tight on money, LETTERS are fine. ((: They're highly welcome, cause well, I'm easy to please. Letters are good, if they come from the heart. That's what counts. <3
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