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FRIENDS ONLY. ((: [Sep. 26th, 2010|11:59 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Well. I have decided to make my livejournal FRIENDS ONLY. Which means you have to have an LJ account to read my blog.

And there are many factors resulting in my decision luh, just yeah. Many. (:

Therefore, comment and most likely I'll add you! ((:

Enjoy! <3

hey all, i've since shifted to melchunology, so this journal is now pretty much stagnant and out-of-use. if you want to be friends, i suggest you add me at my new journal instead. :D

for those who've already added me here and are on my f-list, i won't mind if you unfriend this journal haha. :D just... friend me back on my new one? thankyou people. <3
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Birthday Wishlist! ((: [Sep. 26th, 2008|05:58 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |happyhappy]

Alright. Like I've done for the past years, I will post my list onto my blog. This year is no different. 

Actually it is. It's my SWEET SIXTEENTH. ((: This is most probably it. You'd better quickly buy something, cause my birthday's already over, but I dont mind belated presents. (:

And here it is! (: 

.:: DONGBANGSHINKI Fourth Korean Album! <3
.:: FAHRENHEIT Singapore Concert Tickets! <3 
.:: STAGE Gui Tee! <3 (Singapore, I dont expect anyone to fly to Taiwan to get it for me)
(Please, Sha? You know how much I want one, and 大姐夫's so rich, sure can afford de lah) 
.:: XIAOGUI's Second Pictorial! GUI NU CHUAN. <3 
.:: PURPLE ROSES. <3 And baby's breath! Blue ones would be fine too, though. (: (How could I forget the all-important roses. Gosh.)
.:: Another stuff toy. Something bigger and more huggable. (Wouldnt mind a PIGLET!)
.:: That blue HOODIE I saw in Wisma during GSS! 
.:: FBTs. (: Straight cut. 
.:: Tess Gerritsen novels! <3 
.:: More CSI. (: Not books, please. Shows. (: 
.:: Swensen's Cookies-and-Cream ice-cream cake! (:
.:: Crumpler. Brown. (:
.:: Fanfics! GEZ, you know what I mean. ((: 
.:: Love. <33 What kind? That's for this hopeless romantic to know, and you to guess. ((: 

Right. This, and more as I think of them. (: 

Oh, DBSK and FRH memorabilla will be greatly appreciated. And loved. And used. ((:

And, if you're really really really tight on money, LETTERS are fine. ((: They're highly welcome, cause well, I'm easy to please. Letters are good, if they come from the heart. That's what counts. <3
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