bespectacled nerdy genius. (:


that crazy girl spending her time unwisely with too much youtube and livejournal. definitely has infatuations with certain intelligent and cute and NIANG and aDORKable but still shuai guys in different boybands. current biggest is MICKYparkyoochun from DBSK. others include CALVINchenyiru and kimKIBUM and kimYESUNG and jungYUNHO and XIAOGUI. craps and randoms and spouts much incoherency in school. blames all of her madness on her adoration of caffeine in the form of MOCHA and icedkopiCsiudai. loves her darling french horn. can be very zilian at times and very egoistic. cherishes her friends like siao. best to just leave her like that cos she does have her emo times. what else can I say? this is the melodramatic and the melodious, the MELODY of life. XD

mocharemel // full fic website